It is really hard to believe it has been over a year since I updated anything in our news section. So much growth has happened in the last 12 months, it is hard to put all together in highlights. Regardless, I will give it a shot...

February 2016 - we launched our inaugural event, the Peace, Love and Party Ball. It was our first showcase event where many local studios, including ourselves, demonstrated our best and enjoyed a day of fun and dance, ending with a great professional show by a pair of Dancing with the Stars Peru dancers. We had over 100 in attendance and we are looking forward to a more exciting 2017!!! You can check it out at or our event's Facebook Page.

March 2016 - We danced at the Indiana Challenge. This was a breakout comp for several of our students, who began to achieve top 3 results in their respective dance events. We were blown away by their progress and completely impressed with their new skills. I (Angel) ended up taking a 4th place Top Teacher award, which was pretty good considering how much competition we were up against. It was a great comp.

June 2016 - At the Northcoast Ballroom Championships, I ended up taking the 1st place Top Teacher award for the 2nd year in a row, but our students once again were exceptionally strong and all placed extremely well.

This month, we also repainted our studio. What do you think?

We love it!!!

We also showed up in our local paper, the Lakewood Observer, and here is a screenshot of the article...

So, a heavily productive year so far. 

The rest of this year will be business as usual, which I will try to keep up with as it happens.

Thank you all for such a great year so far!!!