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On the 3rd of December, 2017, the Ballroom/Smooth & Latin/Rhythm students attended Always Dancin's Holiday Rendezvous Showcase, held at Deluca's Place in the Park, in Lorain, Ohio. It was a great event and despite running over by almost 1 1/2 hours, we all had a great time participating in it.

Many local studios were present, and there was a ton of dancing. Of note, both Jim Ferris (owner of Always Dancin') and Angel Criado (me) were on the floor in practically every heat. For the Rhythm & Grace side, many participants used the event as practice floor time as they prepare for the 2018 competitive dance season. However, a huge congratulations is extended to our own Dana Watts who danced for the first time on the floor - which we hope will be the first of many experiences such as this.

Sharon Stahler recently returned from a small hiatus to dance as well, this being her 3rd time hitting the floor with me - and danced as she never missed a beat. Mary Wank got a chance to stretch her legs again after recent huge success at the Cleveland Dancesport Challenge this past September. Gail DeFrance was out there many times as she danced in her beautiful and unaffected way. Debbie Olson came out strong in all her styles and learned some new skills she will now bring to the comp floor. Lastly, Dr. Carmen Hansford got to spread her wings and move like she has never before. The girls were brilliant!!

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a lot of photos from the event as we were a bit spread out between this showcase and a show we also had in Seven Hills, but I have a few, posted below.

Thank you Jim Ferris and Suzanne Gelinas for hosting us at your event!

Next up, Riverfront Dancesport Festival!! (Riverfront Dancesport Festival)