Rhythm & Grace Ballroom Dance Studio is committed to helping you get onto the dance floor with confidence! To help you get started "on the right foot" - we offer a small introductory special to give us a try and make sure this is what you want to learn and who you want to learn it from.

 There will be no surprises in our pricing structure, and no intent to hook you on loving the art of ballroom, only to find out you need to spend ridiculous sums of money to keep doing something that we know you will come to love.

So, our introductory offer is simply two 1/2 hour private lessons for $49. If you choose to continue after that, we are not significantly more than that initial offer.

Contact us (call 440 665 5407 or email us) with confidence that we are sincerely interested in making it affordable to enjoy dancing for a long time to come!

*Restrictions apply. Offer limited to new students of Angel Criado and/or Rhythm & Grace Ballroom Dance Studio.

Find out more about our programs.

New Student Program
Wedding Program
Medalist Program