Rhythm & Grace's New Student (Introductory) Program is simply a taste and orientation to the possibilities that enhancing one's life through dancing can bring. It is a tailor-made approach to determining your goals or desires and working towards attaining them. After a brief interview to identify what you are hoping to get from our experience, we will promptly begin addressing them with the end product in mind.


Often times, a new student will have no idea what dances to learn, or what to expect. That is very common and no problem. Part of our job is to help educate you in the possibilities and what can or can't be done within a specific time frame. Our main intention is to give you an enjoyable experience and help you see that you can be as good as you care to be. Dancing is not rocket science.

Some common misconceptions most students start with are that they are uncoordinated or you need some experience. Nothing can be further from the truth. In any person's life, they have experienced their natural body mechanics at work, be it jazz/tap/ballet at a very young age, sports, martial arts, or simply living the day to day life of any average person. Just walking and running, getting out of the way of some object, or going to the movie theater or walking into the studio, have the basic body mechanic experience to draw upon. to begin learning dance. If you can walk, you can dance!

Another popular misconception is not having any rhythm. If you have a heart beat, you have rhythm - or you'd be dead (which means you wouldn't be reading this anyway). More often, there are simply some confusions associated with music and what you are listening for, which again, get cleaned up quite nicely early on in your lessons.

Finally, the idea you must have a partner. Again, this is not true. Most students of dance partner with their teacher for shows, competitions, or other events we offer. Our school was established by students who have taken their social dancing to the next level and have become strong competitive dancers. Partnering with a professional gives one access to higher level skills and dance ability than with another amateur partner, and makes them a much more popular partner socially because of the pleasure it is to dance with others.

Whatever you present and future needs, you will get there in confidence and style, with Rhythm & Grace. Call us today and get started.

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August 9th, 17 - Last lessons in Lakewood, OH. Bye bye...

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August 11, 17 - Open House at Seven Hills location

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