Rhythm & Grace Dance Studios offers multiple ballet classes for everyone from beginners to advance dancers!

Ballet originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance and grew into the performance style dance one sees today. Ballet can often be described as a classical dance form demanding grace, precision and the use of formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns. It is a highly technical form of dance and is often a base for many other dance styles. For that reason alone, we encourage all of our students to take a ballet class.  Ballet helps create a strong foundation for every form of dance from lyrical to jazz and even hip hop and helps the student develop strength in the core, legs, ankles, and feet. 


Ms. CherylCree Criadot


7647 Broadview Rd. Seven Hills, OH 44131

Days & Times:

Saturday at 9:30AM

For our tiny dancers, please check our Taps & Twirls ( http://rhythmandgrace.com/index.php/programs/taps-twirls-trade-combo ) page for their ballet class times!

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