At the Barre™ is our ballet technique class and is a gradual process to make your child strong not only in her fundementals, but also to build up strength in the feet, legs, ankles, and core.

This class is a must for pointe dancers or those who want to pursue  pointe in the next year or so. The first exercises at the barre are usually relevés and échappés. As strength develops and the student becomes comfortable executing these steps on both feet, steps ending on one en pointe foot are introduced, such as pas de bourrée and retiré. During the classes through out the season, a student will move on to centre exercises after completing the barre work. Centre exercises emphasize various aspects of ballet technique such as turnout, the pointing of the toes, and the use of ballet technique while en pointe.

At Rhythm & Grace Dance Studios, while we encourage any intermediate to advanced dancer to take this class, any dancer wishing to dance pointe (En Pointe class), or planning to dance pointe in the next year or two must be enrolled in At the Barre™.



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