Ballroom Bambinos™ isn’t just "ballroom dancing." Yes, they will lean partnership dancing, but they will also learn so much more!


Ballroom dancing is a versatile skill that, like riding a bike, is not forgotten and which children continue to reap the benefits all through their adult life.

There are many proven benefits to having children taking ballroom dance lessons.


Let us break down some of the benefits of your child taking ballroom dance classes.


  • Dancing is a physical exercise, that often burns more calories and works out more muscles then most other sports.  Ballroom Dance even counts as a phys. ed credit if taught in schools or for home schooling families.
  • Ballroom dancing is a team sport, but not a high contact sport.  With growth plates still developing in children, ballroom dancing supports stretching and strengthening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments but has a very low rate of injury. After all, no one ever got a concussion or broken bone from dancing the rumba or foxtrot!
  • Children develop and strengthen their endurance, speed, focus, discipline, dexterity, flexibility, range of motion, stamina, muscle tone, posture, balance and coordination just to name a few.
  • Ballroom dancing teaches proper etiquette and social skills.
  • Children learn how to interact confidently and respectfully with the opposite gender.
  • Ballroom dancing helps children build their confidence and introduces them to being in front of an audience.
  • Those who take dance lessons tend to perform better academically, scoring higher SAT scores, and do better in science and math.
  • Ballroom dancing is proven to help with memory, better reaction connections between the mind and body, and overall better mental health.
  • Children are able to explore their own creative self-expression in a safe environment.
  • Better communication skills both verbally and physically.
  • Children over come social awkwardness, shyness, and mental hurdles creating happier, more confident children.

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Ballroom Bambinos isn’t just "ballroom dancing." Yes, they will lean partnership dancing, but they will also learn so much more!



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