Competitive Ballroom Dance (Dancesport) has been around for decades. From the classic Championship Ballroom Dancing regularly broadcast on PBS, to Dancing with the Stars - the competitive aspect of ballroom dance has never been far away from our lives through our TV sets. There is a myriad of reasons why an individual would strive to pursue this great pastime - from accomplishment, to self-development, personal achievement, self-satisfaction, confidence, enjoyment, expression, etc. Regardless of the reason, a welcome personal transformation is the typical result when working with an honest, knowledgeable and reliable teacher.

Rhythm & Grace offers one of the most rewarding and drama-free competitive dance programs in the 5 state area - challenge and competence as the focus. To begin, our students are developed by a Dancesport professional with over 30 years experience developing competitors from scratch and producing champions; and who is also consistently recognized as a Top Teacher in his field. Next, our Dancesport students regularly have opportunities to work with some of the highest level dance masters the world offers today. Combine that with ongoing development by their primary instructor, they are generally quite successful in their results. 

In short, our team is “dynamic”.

One becomes a member of this team by invitation. Membership requires a commitment of at least 2 local Dancesport events in a year, personal training with one dance master/coach at least once in a year’s time and a regular but robust weekly lesson schedule. We cannot divulge too much more about the specific services and training we offer in this program as that could potentially dull our competitive edge in this aspect of dance, however, we can provide some information as to what additional services we offer at no additional charge…

  1. Discounted lesson rates,
  2. Preferential scheduling of lessons with dance masters holding Master classes at the studio,
  3. Honest competitive goals that are tailored to the individual dancer (both economically and ability-wise),
  4. Subscription to our exclusive Competitor’s Corner newsletter covering the key methods we use to produce successful results on the competitive floor and keeping you "in the loop" in our team's development,
  5. Consultation in competitive attire, hair and makeup that is flattering with consideration taken as to age, build, comfort level and economy, (in short - we take great care to ensure our students look perfect for the floor),
  6. Costume design, consultation and referral to quality dress makers, and first choice on exclusive dress acquisitions,
  7. No additional markup on freestyle entries at dance competitions. (We have, by far, the most affordable Dancesport program around.)

Our team also takes great care to watch out for one another, helps each other where and when needed, and offers what is a familial-toned support structure when we get together at these events. Our Dancesport students are always complimented by organizers and coaches alike for their enthusiasm, sincerity, graciousness and all around pleasantness. As the old dance maxim goes, “students are the reflections of their teachers” and with our team, we are truly blessed.

If you aspire to become a member of this Dancesport team, and are accepted, please know you will be taken care of and not left to fend for yourself. For us, dance competition is not about your money, it is about your accomplishment! You will be doing it with caring support. Our team will cover your back!


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