Our “Recreational Rhythm™” offerings are social dance programs designed continue a student's studies as a dancer beyond our beginner social dance offerings. More often than not, individuals and couples quickly discover worthwhile and valuable health benefits, positive self-development and an extremely enjoyable pastime while learning to dance. It is because of this, the industry of teaching partnership dance began and grew from the early 1900's and continues strongly to this day.

"Recreational Rhythm™" courses are tailor-made to individual interests (generally discovered during their initial social beginner's classes) and follow industry standards of accomplishment, and typically ends in certification of achievement per level. Depending on the number of dances chosen to study, and the program goals one aspires to, the number of hours needed to complete the levels are variable.

The services offered in study of any of these programs factor into two areas of primary concern for any dancer - Posture and Movement. In all levels, these factors are developed on a gradient basis.  As ones muscle tone and muscle memory develops, one becomes at first conscious of the postural requirements. They then grow to a recognition of coordination and stability which leads to the abilities to execute more complex and physically demanding movements and skills. The end goal of mastering the steps or patterns taught at these levels is a dancer who dances, naturally and with ease - always on balance, light but powerful, graceful and able to dance with any partner.

Dances offered for study:

The American Style (US & Canada) The International Style (Worldwide)
Smooth Rhythm Standard/Modern/Ballroom Latin American
Waltz Cha Cha Cha Waltz Cha Cha Cha
Foxtrot Rumba (box) Tango Samba
Tango East Coast Swing Viennese Waltz Rumba
Viennese Waltz Bolero Foxtrot (Slow) Paso Doble
Peabody Mambo Quickstep Jive
  Hustle (Disco)    
  West Coast Swing    
  Argentine Tango    

The Bronze Program

(prerequisite at least 5 hours in a beginner's social dance program offered at any dance studio)

This program of offered in 3 levels (beginning, intermediate and full) and a successful completion would be a strong social dancer. It develops posture and movement across the spectrum of the chosen dances for study and provides at least 10-15 patterns and variations for each dance. The levels are successfully completed with the student able to demonstrate correct posture and movement (characteristics and footwork) for the level being examined. 

The Silver Program

(prerequisite is a completed Bronze program offered through Rhythm & Grace or Bronze certification from a National Dance Council of America, DVIDA, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, or North American Teachers of Dance Association examiner)

This program is also offered in 3 levels (beginning, intermediate and full) and a successful completion would be an advanced social dancer. It takes the skills learned from the Bronze level and increases the complexity of movement with the patterns offered for the level studied. Characteristic in this level are skills of "gliding" as well as continuity of patterns one to another as "seamless". Because of the advanced nature of patterns and their inherent requirement to travel effectively around the floor as well as execute more complex patterns - the Silver dancer regularly develops their quick thinking or "in the moment" motor control skills to successfully navigate through their dance - which, per research, appears to greatly improve mental capacity as the dancers age.

The Gold Program

(prerequisite is a completed Silver program offered through Rhythm & Grace or Bronze certification from a National Dance Council of America, DVIDA, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, or North American Dance Teachers Association examiner)

This program is offered in 2 levels (intermediate and full) and a pursuit of study of this level is essentially a hobbyist level. The movement skills from the Bronze and Silver programs are further developed, the pattern complexity continues to rise and there is a more performance aspect to the patterns offered. Typically, when one is studying this level, one also elects to develop dance routines for show numbers to be performed at the various dance events and competitions in the area or around the country.

In conjunction with any of the programs above, students may also elect to enhance their dance education through comprehensive and advanced courses and activities in our Dynamic Dancesport and Stylin’ & Profilin’ program offerings.

Rhythm & Grace has many decades of injury-free, successful experience teaching the world to dance at all levels. We stay up-to-date on all our teaching methods and our professional development trainers are among the best the world offers today.


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