Did you get invited to a wedding and realize you don’t know how to dance? Wish you could do something other than dinner and a movie with your date? Tired of sitting it out when you hear your favorite song come on?

Rhythm & Grace offers you the chance to do something about it!

Steppin’ Out Socially™” is a beginner's social dance program designed to help an individual or couple learn the basics of social partnership dancing to use at weddings, social functions, cruises, or simply going out for a night on the town. All students generally go through one of the courses below before advancing to our more advanced courses.


The Crash Course aka “Introductory Course” (5 hours)

This course covers the following basic "survival skills" for social dance...

  1. Moving yourself with your partner without stepping on their feet,
  2. How to hold your partner in dance and not hang on them,
  3. How to know a fast dance from a slow dance,
  4. What to listen for to move in tempo with music,
  5. How dances interrelate,
  6. The basics of key dances (2, 3 or 4 max.) to help you get the most of whatever popular music is playing,
  7. At least 1 additional figure applicable to each dance to give you a little variety.

(More details can be found here: Introductory Program)

The Bare Necessities (10 hours)

This program will introduce and develop the following skills:

  1. The above skills in the Crash Course and…
  2. How to use and move around the floor,
  3. Some additional figures (1-2) applicable to each dance to give some additional variety.

Solid Foundation (20 hours)

This program will introduce and develop the following skills:

  1. The above skills in the Bare Necessities and…
  2. Introduction to the only 4 ways one can lead or follow in dance,
  3. Posture development and movement skills to “feel” rhythmic and graceful movement, to feel more like a dancer,
  4. 5 total patterns for each of the dances studied in this program.

From any of the courses above, students may elect to pursue their dance education further through our more comprehensive and advanced courses in our Recreational Rhythm, Dynamic Dancesport and Stylin’ & Profilin’ program offerings.

Rhythm & Grace has many decades of injury-free, successful experience teaching the world to dance at all levels. We stay up-to-date on all our teaching methods and our professional development trainers are among the best the world offers today.


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