Tip Tap Toe™ classes are tap based classes and are offered in multiple levels of dance from beginner to advanced.

Tap dance is characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Dancers make frequent use of syncopations either with music following the beats provided, or without musical accompaniment; the latter is known as "a cappella" tap dancing.

While tap dancing is believed to have originated around the mid 1800s with roots in the fusion of several ethnic percussion dance styles, two of those styles have become the most popular: Rhythm Tap and Show Tap.

Rhythm tap focuses more on the feet and the sounds being made with little to no "show aspect" somewhat like the movie "Happy Feet." 

Show tap came about as an alternative style to Rhythm Tap that was meant to be more exciting and more appropriate for Broadway and was popularized by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

Here at Rhythm & Grace we offer a mixture of the two styles depending on ones age and ones skill level.


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Fridays at 5PM

Mondays at 7PM ( ADULTS ONLY )

For our tiny dancers interested in tap, please look at our http://rhythmandgrace.com/index.php/programs/taps-twirls-trade-combo .

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