Here at Rhythm & Grace Dance Studios, we specialize in our tiny dancers!

Our Taps & Twirls™ combo classes are ideal for children around 2 years of age to 6 years of age and offers them an hour long class that is a mix of ballet, jazz, and tap! At this age, while they are enrolled in a dance class, they are actually experiencing so much more! Taps & Twirls offers the basics in ballet and tap but also helps children learn, left and right, position in relation to others, colors, numbers, fine and gross motor skills, as well as  basic socialization skills and skills needed to enter the school age world!

Why enroll your tiny dancer in our Taps & Twirls™ class? Well, here are some important bullet points that make us stand out amongst other studios:

  • Our studio owner has worked with kids on an educational level for over 10 years and was a pre school teacher with an extensive amount of early childhood development hours logged.
  • Our primary Taps & Twirls™ teacher is a current registered teacher in a neighboring school district and works with main stream and special needs children.
  • Amongst our instructors, we hold certifications in everything from childhood nutrition to children's health and safety to the basic necessities of infant and child First Aid and CPR and communicable disease.
  • We are trained to handle a child's every behavioral up and down and we have a bag full of tricks to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.
  • We have over 30 years of childhood education between us, and that number grows every year!

This means that not only are they trained  dance instructors, but that they are also trained early childhood educators. By enrolling your tiny dancer in Rhythm & Grace Dance Studio's Taps & Twirls™ program, your child is sure to learn more than just how to move to the beat.


Ms. CherylCree Criado


7647 Broadview Rd. Seven Hills, OH 44131

Days & Times:

Fridays at 4PM

Saturdays at 10:30AM

Saturday at 11:15AM